Friday, March 25, 2011

See you at our tea tasting event in April


Swing into spring with our featured tea making classes and enjoy inspiring and soothing Green Tea !  Look forward to seeing you at our up-coming tea tasting event in April (4 / 22 / 2011 -  4 / 24 / 2011).

white gai wan 
Taiwan White Monkey Green Tea
The name of the tea comes from the delicate white down on the leaves.  Plucked only during a very short and specific period of time in early spring, Taiwan White Monkey Green Tea requires skilled tea masters and ideal weather to create its unique aroma and freshness.

台灣白毛猴綠茶因其外形白毫顯露、狀若毛猴靜伏,故名【白毛侯】。台灣白毛侯綠茶一年之中只有在早春時節很短暫時間內能採摘製作, 而且需要適宜的天候條件配合及很有經驗的製茶師父, 才能做出白毛猴綠茶特有的香氣、鮮味與韻味。

Green Tea  (Non-fermented Tea)
Tea that does not go through fermentation is called "green tea". Retaining the fresh light green color, the tea assumes aquamarine or greenish yellow color, its fragrance has a pleasant green grass aroma or mung bean fragrance. Green tea is the largest section among Chinese tea, accounting for approximately 60% of the total production. Longjing tea and Pi Lo Chun represent
the best of the green tea.  Among the green tea produced in Taiwan, Longjing tea from Sanshia of Taipei County is the most well known.

綠茶 (不發酵茶)
完全沒有經過發酵的茶,就是一般所稱的「綠茶」,保留茶湯原本清新嫩綠的顏色,泡出來的茶湯是碧綠色或綠中帶黃的顏色,具有清爽宜人的青草香或是綠豆香。 綠茶是中國茶中產量最大的品種,約佔茶葉總產量的百分之六十。龍井、碧螺春為最具代表性的綠茶。在台灣所生產的綠茶,則以台北縣三峽龍井的綠茶為代表。

See you at our  
tea tasting event  
in April!

 Time 時間

4/22/11 -- 4/24/2011, 11am -- 7pm

Location 地點
Garnet Room
at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
135-20 39 Ave., Flushing, NY 11354

* Enjoy over 60 varieties of teas.
* Imported delicate Asian tea ware.  
* Antique tea tables and furniture.

* 六十款以上的
* 精緻茶具, 茶器
* 古董茶桌與茶椅

All About Herbal Tea
花草茶 專欄
herbal tea 
 Throat Soothing Tea
 Contains blue malva, peppermint, osmanthus, chamomile.
Help to reduce throat irritation caused by allergy or cold. 

含有紫羅蘭,薄荷,桂花, 洋甘菊


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