Monday, March 28, 2011

茶對健康的十大好處 (下) / Ten Health Benefits of Tea (II)



6. Prevention of cancer: Tea helps to eliminate free radicals preventing cancer development by blocking the growth of substance that causes cancer.


7. Effects on immunity function: Oolong tea, floral tea, green tea all can help strengthen immunity.


8. Prevent cardiovascular disease: Vitamin C and Vitamin P within tea can increase capillary strength. Oolong tea may lower total cholesterol and blood viscosity.


9. Beauty and diet function: Tea may help digestion, help maintain skin moisture, and also help weight loss.

十、預防口臭與蛀牙: 茶中含有氟與鹼性物質,具殺菌作用,鹼性物資可中和蛀牙的酸性環境,有預防蛀牙與口臭的效用。

10. Prevent halitosis and dental cavity: Tea contains fluoride and alkaline substances that have a sterilization function. Alkaline substance can neutralize the acidic environment of dental cavity. It can help prevent dental cavity and halitosis.

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