Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Romantic & Elegant Assam Black Tea / 浪漫典雅的阿薩姆紅茶


Ten Famous Taiwan Tea Series 3 /
台灣十大名茶系列 3

Taiwan has been famous for producing high quality tea such as Sansia Longjing, Mucha Tiekuanyin, and Oriental Beauty, all of which have become very favorable and popular. The Assam Black Tea with romantic foreign flair can only be encountered in Sun Moon Lake.

Black tea is categorized as fully fermented tea. During the process of making tea, it goes through withering, tumbling and kneading, fermentation, and drying to result in the final product.

The beautiful scenery Sun Moon Lake is the main production site of Assam Black Tea. In 1925, in order to improve the quality of black tea in Taiwan, the Japanese first introduced the “big leaf” Assam type from Assam, India. After breeding in Lotus Hua Chi, Nantou, it was planted in Pu Li, Yu Chi, and it was later found out that the high temperature and moisture of Sun Moon Lake, with an average rainfall of 2,900 millimeter yearly, humidity 85%, average temperature 19.7 degree Celsius, daylight sunshine of 1670 hours yearly, 700 to 1000 meters above sea level, results in a cultivating environment comparable to that of Assam tea growing region in India and therefore produces the best result.

The tea color of Assam Black Tea is a clear bright red, with mellow fragrance and a sweet, smooth, and rich taste. In the tea auction market in London, the tea received very high appraisal. Japanese officials use this premium tea as gifts to other high officials and the emperor even uses it to pay tribute. This marked the beginning of the plantation of Assam Black Tea in the Sun Moon Lake and the only area in Taiwan for planting such tea which became famous worldwide and attracted numerous tea lovers.

At present time, in Yu Chi, Pu Li area, there are about 400 hectares of black tea plantation area. There are also companies that process the tea and transform it to canned ice tea, iced lemon tea etc. that became popular not only in the local market but foreign markets as well.

Whether it is for business or a leisure afternoon, invite a few friends for a cup of tea. Enjoy the romantic elegance of Assam Black Tea and relax your mind and body. It is not only a drink; it is the beauty of culture.















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  1. Very beautiful description of where this tea comes from as well as the fragrance identity. Thank you for sharing!