Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea Tasting Festival in NYC 06/11 - 06/13


Place: Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, Garnet Room (Lower Level)
135-20 39th Ave., Flushing, NY 11354 -- Map

Many special varieties of Taiwan Oolong Tea result from the different planting environment, the manufacturing processes, and the roasting methods. In order to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan Oolong, Fang Gourmet Tea will be presenting an array of Oolong ranging from High Mountain Oolong of various mountains, to precious aged selections, as well as rare varieties of Taiwan Wuyi Oolong such as High Mountain Wuyi, Unique Wuyi, and Classic Wuyi. Please come and take part in our tea ceremonies and savor these wonderful teas.

(To enjoy this experience, please purchase tickets which will count toward your purchases. Fang Gourmet Tea Club members will receive special discounts.)

Special Promotions:

Guests who purchase other products at the event will receive a 20% discount. Ticket stubs can also be brought to our main store in exchange for gifts. Supplies are limited.

Fang Gourmet Tea

135-25 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11354

Telephone: 888-888-0216


活動時間:2009.6/11~6/13, 11:00AM~19:00PM

活動地點:法拉盛喜來登酒店, Garnet Rm. (地下一樓)
135-20 39thAve. Flushing, NY 11354 -- 地圖

台灣烏龍茶常因種植環境、製茶工序與烘焙手法的不同而產生意想不到的變化 , 本次活動芳茗軒特別同時推出台灣珍稀品種武夷烏龍茶系列, 如高山武夷烏龍茶、台灣奇種武夷烏龍茶、經典武夷烏龍茶及各山頭之台灣高山烏龍茶和珍貴的陳年老茶 , 在同種不同味的多種茶品中. 讓茶友一窺台灣烏龍茶的多樣性變化.

活動現場準備茶席供茶友試茶,只需購票即可入席,芳茗軒茶友會會員另有優惠( 若購茶茶票價可再扣抵)


來賓活動期間在現場購買商品可享 8 折優惠


芳茗軒總店:135-25 Roosevelt Ave. Flushing, NY 11354

訂購專線:888 -888- 0216

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