Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Taste of Early Spring in a Cup


white gai wan
A Taste of Early Spring in a Cup           

又是春暖花開的時節,各處名山佳茗也已採收面市。在春天茶品中, 綠茶會早先報曉春天的到來,芳茗軒特別從產地空運最新鮮的綠茶,讓茶友們搶先品嘗春茶的甘甜清香,歡迎各位茶友於4/22~24蒞臨芳茗軒品茶會。

As the spring breeze awakens the earth, new tea are picked and processed from famous mountains and are ready to meet tea lovers worldwide.  Among the spring teas, green tea is the first to arrive and Fang Gourmet Tea is glad to share with you the freshness and sweetness of green tea shipped directly from the tea farms.  See you at our upcoming tea tasting event from April 22nd to 24th and enjoy an unforgettable spring season!

See you at our  tea tasting event !
Time 時間:
  4/22/11 -- 4/24/2011, 11am -- 7pm

Location 地點: 法拉盛喜來登飯店地下一樓 
Garnet Room at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
135-20 39 Ave., Flushing, NY 11354

* Enjoy over 60 varieties of teas.  * Imported delicate Asian tea ware.  
* Elegant tea tables and furniture.

* 六十款以上的茗茶品嘗   * 精緻茶具, 茶器  * 古木茶桌與茶椅


orange gai wan
芳茗軒精緻伴手禮  四種組合加倍心意

  * 幽雅清香: 茉香綠茶 & 繡球茉莉
  * 香醇回味: 金萱四季春
  * 香甜溫暖: 金絲滇紅&日月潭紅茶
  * 兩樣情懷:蒙頂黃芽壽眉白茶

Exquisite Gift Selections  
to celebrate a fulfilling spring season!

* Aerial Elegance:Jasmine Pearl & Jasmine Green Tea
* Delicate Memory:Golden Lily & Four Season Spring
* Sweet Warmth:Golden Silk Black Tea & Sun Moon Lake Black Tea
* A Duet of Inspiration:MonDin Yellow Bud & White Tea


  1. excellent blog! i love learning about tea, coffee and coffee vending machines and how they are different in all parts of the world!

  2. Awesome blog man love it for sure.