Friday, December 23, 2011

Seminar on the Tao of Tea, 12/24


Join us this Saturday, December 24th, 2:30pm for the Seminar on the Tao of Tea to create an inspiring holiday season!

Tao of Tea  
Tea is more than just a drink; it holds the vitality of nature and is also a path to communication with nature. Tea is often integrated with literature, music, and art, elevating the spiritual state of mind of the person enjoying it. (Click here to visit our blog to learn more about the Tao of Tea)    

與我們一起走入茶的世界:  茶道講座,  
12月24日(六) 下午二點半   

茶不僅只是一種飲料,它蘊含著大自然的生命力,成為與大自然溝通的渠徑,它更結合了文學、音樂、藝術等文化內涵,提升品茗者的心靈境界。  (請點選此處閱讀全文

A Historical Legend...
 Jadeite Exhibition  
@ the Tea Expo

 In Asian culture, jade and jadeite are not merely pieces of valuable gem stone but also symbols of personal and family histories and milestones.  From jade/jadeite bracelets, rings, to pendants and delicately carved ornaments, each piece tells the legend of a specific historical period or a treasured family history.  Visit the Jadeite Exhibition to learn about the legend!

 Fang Jade 122111    

典藏翡翠特展  (請蒞臨茶展參觀)
東方人自古對玉器有著濃厚的情感, 對於許多老一輩的人來說, 擁有鑽石可能是虛榮, 穿戴玉件卻是人生紀事, 老人家腕上的鐲, 腰間的珮, 都會喚起辛苦奮鬥的點滴, 道盡悲歡起伏的歲月 , 每一塊玉的施與受都譜寫了一小部近代傳奇, 並且將小心翼翼地傳給後世...。邀請您蒞臨 典藏翡翠 特展, 體驗古老的傳奇!

The Art and Culture of Tea and Tea Ware Expo  
"Infinite Delight of Tea"  
Presented by  
Fang Gourmet Tea  

 Let tea guide you into the wondrous realm of the Tao. 
From the world of Zen, bring forth the essence of tea and let it guide the experience of the Truth within your mind.

   茶趣無限 --以茶入道茶禪一味

Time 時間: Dec. 9, 2011 - Jan. 17, 2012 (11:00 AM - 7:00 PM)
Location 地點:  Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, Garnet Room
Garnet Room; 135-20 39th Ave., Flushing, NY 11354         


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