Monday, June 13, 2011

A Cup of Tea for Father's Day


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Have a cup of Tea with Dad
from Fang Gourmet Tea

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 15% off for all traditional tea tea sets to celebrate Father's Day (valid until 6/30/2011)
父親節 溫馨賀禮

Premium LiSan Oolong   極品梨山烏龍

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Pear MountainLiSan) in Taiwan is located in a highland climate region with an altitude of more than 2000 meters. Tea quality from this region is especially superior. Teas are made from tea leaves harvested from this region at most twice a year. The tea leaves are tightly kneaded, and it assumes a golden yellow color. It tastes smooth and mellow, with a distinctive elegant fragrance .... (click here to learn more)


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Children's Favorite:  Pottery Making

Many parents ask about the benefits of children learning pottery making.  In the process of working on clay or paper clay, the muscles on both hands of the children are trained.  Through squeezing, rolling, rubbing, kneading, pinching, scratching, patting, engraving, cutting, and piling, children will experience that the hands are the best tool of human beings. 
(please click here to find out more. For registration please call 914-318-0657)


很多家長總是會問,學習捏陶對小朋友有甚麼好處?因為在捏陶土或是紙黏土中,可鍛練小朋友的手部小肌肉,在擠、桿、搓 、揉、捏、刮、拍、刻、切、疊的手法中,體驗手是人們最好的工具。

報名與連絡請洽: 914-318-0657

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