Monday, March 14, 2011

Golden Silk Yunnan Black Tea 金絲滇红

The Golden Silk Yunnan Black Tea is a rare gem among black tea from Yunnan. Growing in a high mountain of Yunnan with elevation above 1700 meters, in the natural non-contaminated area, the tea is made with traditional craft and scientific processing.


Dry tea leaves are rich in fragrance; strips are complete and clear, covered with golden fur. Tea color is a chestnut red with a thick and dense feel. Aside from the malt sugar aroma of regular black tea, there is a special fruity and minty fragrance. Tea tastes fine and delicate, tender and smooth when it enters the throat. It tastes sweet without any bitterness or astringency, and it induces salivation with a hint of sweet dew that is surprisingly pleasant.

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