Tuesday, February 15, 2011

See you at the 6th Annual Coffee and Tea Festival


See you at the 6th Annual 
Coffee and Tea Festival!
2/19-2/20, 11am-5pm 
FREE TICKETS for Fang Tea Club members!
Get your Aura Picture taken at our booth to learn about your health and spiritual mind.

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Join us at the Coffee and Tea Festival!

          芳茗軒茶友會會員 享有免費 


* Free tickets exclusively for Fang Gourmet Tea Club members; please visit our Roosevelt store to pick up your free tickets.  (Regular ticket price $20.00)

Time 時間: Saturday and Sunday, 2/19-2/20, 11AM to 5PM

Location 地點: 7WEST (7 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001; between 5 Ave. & 6 Ave., subway BDFNQRVW to 34th St/Herald Sq).
* Activities at our booth (booth #2 and #17, right across each other):
-- A wide selection of Traditional Tea    
--Floral Tea   
--Antique Tea Ware   
--Tea Tasting    
--DIY Glazing Porcelain Cups

* Annual New York Coffee & Tea Festival is selected as one of the 10 Best New York Events.  

芳茗軒邀請您蒞臨 <第六屆紐約咖啡與茶博覽會紐約咖啡與茶博覽會,評選榮獲紐約十大傑出活動之一提供芳茗軒茶友會會員,免費入場券  (門票原價 $20.00),敬請蒞臨羅斯福店索取,邀約親朋好友與我們共度充滿濃郁咖啡香與茶香的週末時光!( (展場專櫃#2, #12)     

orange gai wan

  * 幽雅清香: 茉香綠茶 & 繡球茉莉
  * 香醇回味: 金萱四季春
  * 香甜溫暖: 金絲滇紅&日月潭紅茶
  * 兩樣情懷:蒙頂黃芽壽眉白茶

Exquisite Gift Selection from Fang Gourmet Tea
to celebrate a fulfilling spring season! 
* Aerial Elegance:Jasmine Pearl & Jasmine Green Tea
* Delicate Memory:Golden Lily & Four Season Spring
* Sweet Warmth:Golden Silk Black Tea & Sun Moon Lake Black Tea
* A Duet of Inspiration:MonDin Yellow Bud & White Tea

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