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Tea with memory of 38 years


Pomelo Tea from 1973
38 years of treasured memories...
1973年 珍品柚子茶

Pomelo Tea poster

Embrace great health and spiritual inspiration with 38 year-old Pomelo Tea

Traditionally, pomelo tea are house-hold treasures, rarely available in the market. Since the unique taste and aroma of pomelo tea enhances as it ages, pomelo tea that is older than 10 years are considered extremely precious already.  At the tea tasting this weekend, Fang Gourmet Tea will be glad to share with tea-lovers some 38 year-old pomelo tea! Don't miss the opportunity!

Pomelo tea originated from Taiwan's Hakka traditional culture. Using the natural resources from their own gardens and farm lands, Hakkanese people fill the pomelo fruit with processed tea leaves to create this special well-being and healthy tea that is not being sold in the market.

Due to its complex manufacturing process, pomelo tea are usually used only as a natural healing remedy for cold, coughing, and upset stomachs. In Hakka culture, the tea is a great well-being tea, helpful for clearing away heat, phlegm, and toxic substances in the body, reducing cold and nausea.

Pomelo Tea edited

自然養身, 滋潤身心的茶之旅


柚子茶源自於台灣客家的傳統文化,利用自家所種植的柚子和茶樹,將製作好的茶葉, 放到柚子裡面,而創造出風味獨具的柚子茶,主要在家中品嘗,市面上沒有銷售。


The Art and Culture of Tea and Tea Ware Expo

Don't miss the Jadeite Exhibition and the Ceramic Art Show

時間 Time: 12/17/10 - 2/1/2010, 11am to 7pm

地點 Location: Sheraton LaGuardia Hotel
Garnet Room
135-20 39th Ave.

Flushing, NY 11354


jadeite 012610

Ceramic Art Show and Activities
* DIY Wheel-Thrown ceramic creation

 * Porcelain Painting
*  Molding and Monotype
* Ceramic Plate Painting

* 手拉胚和彩繪活動
* 壓模 
* 拓印
* 新年陶板畫

tea expo brown teapot 2011
tea expo blue ceramic 2011
tea expo brown cups 2011 
white gai wan

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