Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Original Ti Kuan Yin - Honey Aroma 30% Roasted

It is in the half fermented tea category with similar production methods as half spherical pouchong tea. The distinguishing feature is taking roasted tea that is not yet dried, wrapping it with cloth that is square in shape and kneads tea leaves into spherical shapes. Lightly use one’s hand to knead and twist outside the cloth wrap and place it into a roasting basket to slowly roast with gentle flame. Tea leaves will curl up tightly after repeated roasting and twisting resulting in a unique aroma from transforming the tea constituent by the temperature of the roasting flame. This tea is fragrant, mellow, and sweet in taste with lingering aftertaste even after many infusions.

The shape of the tree is a little larger with bigger branches. Leaves are not too many, and they are oval in shape. The surface of the leaves spread out, the mesophyll is thick and lustrous, while the teeth of the leaves are a little larger without sharp edges. From center to bottom, the leaves appear wavy as if twisted, a unique aspect of this tea. Side veins appear bulged with wrinkles. The tender buds are a bit reddish with very few quantities.

Tea is slightly reddish yellow in color; its taste is rich, mellow, smooth, sweet, a little astringent, with a bit of fruit acidity that is pure and harmonious. The best one is made from the Ti Kuan Yin variety.

Tea color is clear and bright, fragrance is elegant and graceful, taste is smooth and velvety.

There are many layers of flavor that unfold: First taste is a light orchid aroma; second and third brew start with a peach fragrance and turns into a ripe guava fruit aroma with light acidity. After many steeping, the aftertaste is even more evident.

From floral, to fruity, to honey with light acidity and aftertaste, this is a rare tea product at Fang Gourmet Tea.

By Tea Master Manci

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