Friday, January 21, 2011

Have tea under the Saphhire Shooting Stars


"Rendezvous with Tea Delicacies"  
under the Sapphire Shooting Stars
At the Art and Culture of Tea and Tea Ware Expo
tawny ong desserts 
Time: 1/22 - 1/24 (Sat. to Mon.)
Location: Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
Ticket$40 each in advance, $45 at the door; for reservation please call  1-888-888-0216 or email.

Experience the delicious fusion of East meets West! 
In the sessions, guests will enjoy a gourmet prix fixe menu, which includes 3 sets of tea and desserts, prepared by Fang Gourmet Tea.  Each tea is paired with a dessert that creates the best duet to bring out the best flavor and essence in each other.  Well-known bakery chef Tawny Ong is featured on Fox Business News, Time Out New York, New York Fashion Show, and Mayor's Lunar New Year Reception.

藍色流星雨中  品嘗美食甜點與好茶
 tawny ong logo
芳茗軒於一月22日至24日,提供廣受歡迎的 "茶與點心的約會" 專席,邀請大家體驗東方甘醇好茶與西方精緻甜點的絕妙搭配,讓茶藝呈現出與眾不同的美食融合風 。參加美食專席的朋友們將品嘗三組甜點和好茶。 糕點美食家Tawny Ong 以獨特的創意和新鮮的有機食材享譽紐約名人圈,專訪見於美國電視福斯新聞 (FOX Business News)、紐約旅遊雜誌 (Time Out New York) 預購票為 $40, 現場購票 $45

The enchanting and mysterious  
"Sapphire Shooting Star collection"  
by Pottery Master Da Hua Liu

Combining artistic elegance, scientific composition, and creative skills, the special formula and material of this series of tea ware can activate water molecules and improve the quality of the water, bringing out the mellowness and richness in tea, coffee, and wine.
 saphhire shooting star 1


* Gourmet Desserts & Teas
1/22/2011 to 1/24/2011

* Sapphire Shooting Stars Energy Mineral Ceramic Tea Ware Creations by pottery master Da Hua Liu
1/22/2011 to 2/1/2011

 The Art and Culture of Tea &
Tea Ware Expo


Time 時間:
 12/17/10 -- 2/1/2011, 11am -- 7pm

 Location 地點:
Garnet Room
at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
135-20 39 Ave., Flushing, NY 11354

Ceramic Art Show and fun activities for all!

DIY Wheel-Thrown Tea Ware and Porcelain Painting
*  Molding and Monotype
* Ceramic Plate Painting to create your own greeting cards

* 手拉
* 壓模  * 拓印
* 新年陶板畫
pottery figure 1
pottery figure 2

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