Monday, April 12, 2010

Tea Tasting 04/16 - 04/18

Taste Oolong like you never did before
~ Rare variety from Taiwan : Wild Grown Oolong and Buddha’s Hand Oolong ~

Taste Oolong like you never did before! Fang Gourmet Tea is introducing two kinds of oolong tea to tea-lovers this weekend.

Wild-grown Oolong is handpicked from tea trees that grow in the natural wilderness of Taiwan. While some of these tea trees are indigenous to the region, others were germinated from seeds carried by animals. The conditions that these wild trees grow under are vastly different from those grown in a human-controlled environment. Thus, there are some unique differences in the tea leaves, tea, and mouthfeel as well as the aroma of the Wild-Grown Oolong as compared to cultivated Oolong Tea. It is truly worthy for tea lovers seeking to taste a unique and fine tea.

Buddha Hand Oolong is also known as “Shiang Yuan Tea”. It is one of the oldest oolong tea varieties with very limited production. The leaves are large like palm and shaped like a Shiang Yuan orange with a subtle bergamot aroma. It was originally planted around temples, hence the name “Buddha Hand”. The leaves are plump, thick, and smooth, with a soft and pliable texture. After brewing, the strong fragrance is long and deep, refreshing the body and mind. This tea can go through many infusions and the taste is sweet, mellow, and rich with a long lasting aftertaste.

Fang Gourmet Tea is also offering tea lovers a chance to experience Lei Cha, a well-known natural, eco-friendly, and well-being tea from Taiwan. Schools and educational, cultural organizations are welcome to contact Fang Gourmet Tea to arrange special tours for the event to explore the beauty of Asian tea tasting, Asian tea ware and the tranquility of Asian tea culture.

For more information, please contact:

Fang Gourmet Tea, 1-888-888-0216;
135-25 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11354.



野生烏龍採摘自深山無人照顧的茶樹, 其來源有些是原生種山茶或經野生動物食用茶籽後隨機播種而生長繁衍的茶樹, 因山野生長環境與土壤結構等條件都與人工栽種的茶不同, 所以在茶葉、茶湯、口感、 香氣上 更多了一分的奇妙的變化, 值得細細品味.。

佛手烏龍又名香櫞種 ,是烏龍茶中最為古老的茶種,葉大如掌、形似香櫞柑,又帶有類似佛手柑的香味,故稱佛手烏龍。佛手烏龍色澤砂綠烏潤,香氣濃郁持久,滋味甘厚,耐冲泡,是烏龍茶中風味獨特的名茶 。


聯絡請洽 1-888-888-0216;
芳茗軒總店地址 135-25 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11354.

活動時間 / Time:
2010.04/16 ~ 04/18
活動地點 / Location:
Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel, 法拉盛喜來登酒店
Garnet room
135-20 39thAve. Flushing, NY 11354
-- Map (地圖)

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