Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tea Tasting 04/02 - 04/04

Rare Variety From Taiwan - Wu Yi Oolong

Wu Yi Tea is a specific type of tea introduced to northern Taiwan from the tea region in Wu Yi, Fujian province in the 1970s. Wu Yi Oolong is usually heavily fermented resulting in a sweet taste that is strong and powerful.

The flavor of this tea is mellow, rich and smooth with a long lingering sweetness. There is an evident and unusual fruit and honey aroma along with a rich, complex mouthfeel that finishes with a gradual unfolding of a cooling sensation. It also induces salivation as the tea passes through the throat. The special aspect of Taiwan Wu Yi Oolong tea from Fang Gourmet Tea is the natural fruity taste that is cool and refreshing.

With the traditional method of making oolong tea, the Taiwan Wu Yi Oolong is produced from the bud and the leaf. There is no damage throughout the process, resulting in tea leaves that resemble flower blossoming after brewing. It is a truly excellent product.

Fang Gourmet Tea is also offering tea lovers a chance to experience Lei Cha, a ell-known natural, eco-friendly, and well-being tea from Taiwan. Schools and educational, cultural organizations are welcome to contact Fang Gourmet Tea to arrange special tours for the event to explore the beauty of Asian tea tasting, Asian tea ware and the tranquility of Asian tea culture.
For more information, please contact:

Fang Gourmet Tea, 1-888-888-0216;
135-25 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11354.


武夷在台灣是指一 特定的品種, 約在民國60年間自福建省武夷茶區引進北台灣. 武夷烏龍多半採重發酵, 滋味強勁甘甜. 茶湯醇厚柔順, 喉韻綿長. 特殊品種香極為明顯帶出有別一般的果香及蜜香, 其口感層次變化極為豐富,最後在喉底慢慢帶出涼氣. 茶湯過喉兩頰徐徐生津,口中甘甜而有回味.

芳茗軒台灣武夷烏龍特別之處,在於茶湯滋味含有天然果香,以其清新純和帶涼氣最為可貴. 遵照傳統台灣烏龍茶製法的台灣武夷烏龍, 以芽葉製作, 在製程中未受損傷, 泡後整個展開有如花朵, 為上上佳品。

品茶會現場並有自己動手作客家養身茶--擂茶,以及受到熱烈歡迎的陶藝教室,讓各年齡的訪客繪製自己的專屬茶杯。活動還備有試茶席供茶友飲茶, 也特別提供茶桌、茶具讓茶友可自己邀請三五好友現場享受泡茶、品茶的樂趣。茶友們可以依照個人的喜好參與不同的品茶活動。


聯絡請洽 1-888-888-0216;
芳茗軒總店地址 135-25 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11354.
網站 www.fangtea.com

活動時間 / Time:
2010.04/02 ~ 04/04
活動地點 / Location:
Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel, 法拉盛喜來登酒店
Garnet room
135-20 39thAve. Flushing, NY 11354
-- Map (地圖)
-- Tea tasting and sampling; showcase of tea culture and imported Asian tea-ware.

-- Enjoy the fun of grounding your own Lei Cha, another well-known well-being tea from Taiwan.

-- Pottery workshop: Experience firsthand the joy of creating your own glazing porcelain tea cups.

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