Friday, May 22, 2009

Buddha Hand (Fo Shou) Oolong / 佛手烏龍


Buddha Hand Oolong in Taiwan originated from Yong Chun, Fujian Province, is also known as “Shiang Yuan Tea”. It is one of the oldest oolong tea varieties with very limited production. It is hard to produce and the tea type is almost extinct. The leaves are large like palm and shaped like a Shiang Yuan orange. It was originally planted around temples, hence the name “Buddha Hand”.

The leaves are plump, thick, and smooth, with a soft and pliable texture. The tender bud is a bright purplish red, and the tight knotted strip is thick and strong, with a smooth green. After brewing, the strong fragrance is long and deep, refreshing the body and mind. Tea color is a bright golden yellow with a rich and mellow taste. The tempting sweetness is exquisite and divine just like the poem:

“Tea such as this can only exist in heaven, In this human realm, how many times can one encounter such delight?”

Buddha Hand tea trees are widely adaptable, with strong resistibility to adverse situations. Leaf shape is round and large like palm, leveled growth, leaf surface is crooked and uneven, leaf is plump and thick, the major vein is curved, the edge of the teeth of the leaf is few and dispersed, dent is not so evident, and color of leaf is yellow with edge slightly curved back. It blossoms very little with no fruit. There are two types of Buddha Hand: red bud and green bud. The red bud tree is more branched out with purplish red spring buds while the green bud tree is more straight with light green spring buds. The Buddha Hand Oolong available at Fang Gourmet Tea is the green bud Buddha Hand.

Characteristics of the premium select Buddha Hand Oolong tea at Fang Gourmet Tea:

Tea leaves are tightly knotted strips, thick and plump, dried and curved in shape, dark smooth green in color with strong fragrance. Taste is sweet, mellow, and rich with a long lasting aftertaste. This tea can go through many infusions. Tea color is a clear, bright, golden yellow and the bottom of the leaf is yellowish green.

We will be serving this tea at our upcoming tea tasting event in NYC from June 11th to June 13th for all tea lovers to sample.






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