Friday, April 17, 2009

The World Famous Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea / 遠近馳名的台灣高山烏龍茶


Taiwan High Mountain Oolong tea is the shining crown jewel of the Taiwan tea industry whose quality and fine reputation has always been without peer. Aside from being a world famous tea, it is also one of the most representative teas from Taiwan.


The term, Taiwan High Mountain Oolong tea, refers to soft-branch oolong tea or Golden Lily tea, which grow above elevations of 1,000 meters. High mountain areas are surrounded by layers of mountains and hills with plenty of rain and heavy fog. Because of high humidity in the air, the quality of tender tea-leaves is excellent. In the mountain area, tea trees get less direct sunlight, so the catechin content in tea, which will cause bitterness and astringency, are relatively lower. As a result, high mountain tea has crisp green tone, and tea flavors are rich and sweet, with a long lasting after taste. It brings simple and elegant fragrance, and the flavor can last many brewings.


When the calm, fragrant, rich and energetic characteristics of Oolong tea are merged with the clean, aromatic, sweet, mellow characteristics of high mountain tea, a magical masterpiece from mother nature is born. Whether you’re busy or at leisure, enjoying a cup of Taiwan mountain Oolong tea will enable you to understand the wonders of Chinese tea. Relax your mind and body, savor the endless tea flavor, and explore your life’s endless horizon.


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