Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elegant and Refined Wenshan Pouchong Tea / 清雅脫俗的文山包種茶


Ten Famous Taiwan Tea Series 2 /
台灣十大名茶系列 2

The fragrance of Pouchong tea will remind you of a serene orchid flower in the valley: elegant, refined, quietly blooming with light floral fragrance. Tea color is clear and transparent, reflecting its appealing inner beauty.


The origin of the name “Pouchong tea” is said to have begun one hundred and fifty years ago, at Anxi County, Quanzhou State, Fujian Province of mainland China. Tea farmers began to use a special manufacturing process learned from Wuyi tea. They made individual tea harvested from individual tea trees, and fitted out to a 4 oz package, wrapping it with two pieces of Fujian bamboo writing paper, layering and folding the inside and outside paper to form a rectangular-shaped package, stamping the cover with the tea name and store logo. That’s how it is called “Pouchong” or “Pouchong tea”(Pou means wrap, Chong means variety). Afterwards this manufacturing process spread to Nankang, Wenshan of Taiwan.


The Wenshan Pouchong tea has five characteristics: fragrant, rich, mellow, flavorful and beautiful. It is named after its production area Wenshan which is located in Taipei County. The precious Wenshan Pouchong tea is made from hand-picked fresh tea of the “Qingxing oolong” species tea plants. The dry tea comes in Jadeite green, and strips are tight with a natural curl. It belongs to the light withering, light fermentation qing tea category. After brewing, the tea assumes a golden yellow color, bright and charming. Tea aroma is quiet and tasteful, with an aftertaste in your throat that is infinite, fragrant and refreshing. Those are the characteristics of high-quality Wenshan Pouchong tea. Tea plantations are scattered among mountainous areas with an altitude of 400 meters. Tea growing environment is special: scenery is beautiful, climate is mild, moist, and cool all year round, snow and fog fill the air, and soil is fertile. Therefore, the quality of Wenshan Pouchong tea is exceptionally superior being one of the highest grade teas. It is renowned all over the world, and is widely loved by consumers.


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