Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Join us in Manhattan for the breeze and a cup of tea!

A Special Mother's Day ...
See you in Manhattan on Mother's Day
Just what you need
Join Fang Gourmet Tea at the annual Passport to Taiwan festival on Mother's Day and don't miss our featured herbal tea for dear mom! 

Join us in Manhattan for the breeze
                       and a cup of tea! 沐浴春風,品嚐好茶

Time: 5/13/12 (Sunday; Mothers' Day), 12pm-5pm
Location: Union Square North (Train 4, 5, 6, L, R, N, Q, W) 

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This Mother's Day, the Passport to Taiwan brings traditional delicacies, international rock stars, environmental art, and authentic handicrafts to the spotlight!  
一年一度的「Passport to Taiwan」活動即將來臨了!「旅行台灣、就是現在」(Time for Taiwan),是今年活動的主題,除了有滿足大家的胃口的各式美味台灣小吃,還有許多特別表演內容。  
herbal tea Just what moms need... 母親節 精選花草茶

Give mom a sweet Mother's Day surprise with our featured selection:  

* Tea for Golden Days: great for the overall health, strengthens the liver and kidney, prevents cramps, and helps to regulate hormone. 

* Cozy Time: Releases tension and boosts up energy; reduces hyperaesthesia, nervousness and insomnia.  
* Ginseng Prosperity Tea: postpones aging and strengthens memory, helpful to both spiritual and physical health.

* 繽紛年華:助益全身健康及強化肝腎功能,預防痙攣利於體內環保,

* 安神飄飄茶: 有助舒緩壓力,恢復精神。可改善神經過敏及緊張失眠。

* 人參八寶茶

white blue gai wan
Relax during the allergy season

* Soothing Throat: reduce the uncomfortable feeling in your throat due to the cold or allergy.
*Rooibos: rich in antioxidants to fight the allergy; postpones aging, protects the heart, and strengthens the immunity system. 

* 潤喉茶:有益於改善因過敏或感冒引起的氣管喉嚨不適。
* 如意波斯: 富含抗氧化物,可抗發炎以及抗過敏。同時還可以延緩老化,保護心臟和強化免疫系統。
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