Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mystic Rock Sensation - Wu Yi Cliff Tea Tasting

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 Mystic Rock Sensation - Wu Yi Cliff Tea
Time 時間: Fri.-Sun., 11/18 - 11/20, 11am - 7pm

Location 地點:  Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel (135-20 39th Avenue, Flushing) 

    WuYi Mountain is situated in Fujian, China. Since there are many sheer cliffs in this mountainous area, tea farmers planted tea trees among the gaps and cracks of the rocks, hence the name, "Rock Tea". The soil texture of this tea region is the rock weathering gravel soil full of organic substance and minerals.
     Wu Yi Rock Tea is the general name given to this general category; there are actually close to a thousand varieties. We will be offering various kinds of WuYi Rock Tea at the tea tasting event.   
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武夷山位於中國福建省,因山區多懸崖絕壁,農民在山區岩石隙、石縫中種茶,岩茶因而得名。武夷岩茶區土質爲岩石風化後的砂礫土壤,富含有機物和礦物質,醞釀成岩茶其色、香、味之與衆不同 且具天然真味,亦即岩茶特有的"岩韻" 。武夷岩茶是一個大類的總稱,實際上的品種有近千種之多,本次品茶會特別推出各種武夷岩茶,提供茶友一次品足各種名欉特色。
  • Enjoy over 60 varieties of teas (don't miss our popular tea egg and tea jello, only available at our tea tasting events!)
  • Imported delicate Asian tea ware
  • Elegant wood tables and furniture
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六十款以上的茗茶品嘗;精緻茶具茶器;原木茶桌與茶椅 (別錯過廣受歡迎的特製茗香茶葉蛋以及茶凍) (請點選此處,走訪 芳茗軒網站, 選購茶品或探索茶的世界!)  

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