Friday, December 24, 2010

10 Best cups of Tea


Join us in the unique Tai-Chi and Tea experience, enjoy the 10 best cups of tea in the Tea Making Competition, and don't miss the back-by-popular-demand Gourmet Desserts !

* 12/25 (Sat.) "In-Tune With the Universe" - Enrichment through Tai-Chi & Tea

* 1/1 (Sat.) A Show of Expertise - Tea Making Competition

* 1/6~9 (Thu.~Sun.) - Rendezvous with Tea Delicacies (Reservation Required)


* 12月25日(六)太極拳與品茶

* 1月1日(六)泡茶比賽

* 1月6~9日(四~日)茶與點心的約會 (需預約購票)

Jadeite Exhibition 12/17/10 - 2/1/2011

jadeiteIn Asian culture, jade and jadeite are not merely pieces of valuable gem stone but also symbols of personal and family histories and milestones.  From jade/jadeite bracelets, rings, to pendants and delicately carved ornaments, each piece tells the legend of a specific historical period or a treasured family history.  Visit the Jadeite Exhibition to learn about the legend!

東方人自古對玉器有著濃厚的情感, 對於許多老一輩的人來說, 擁有鑽石可能是虛榮, 穿戴玉件卻是人生紀事, 老人家腕上的鐲, 腰間的珮, 都會喚起辛苦奮鬥的點滴, 道盡悲歡起伏的歲月 , 每一塊玉的施與受都譜寫了一小部近代傳奇, 並且將小心翼翼地傳給後世...。邀請您蒞臨 典藏翡翠 特展, 體驗古老的傳奇!

A Showcase of Ceramic Arts

Energy Mineral Ceramic Tea Ware Creations
By Ceramic Art Master
Da Hua Liu


Combining artistic elegance, scientific composition, and creative skills, this series of tea ware has the advantages of far infrared ray, zhi sha (yixing clay/purple clay), and maifan stone (also know as Japanese term bakuhanseki).  Its special formula and material can activate water molecules and improve the quality of the water, bringing out the mellowness and richness in tea, coffee, and wine.

陶藝名師: 劉大化


此種陶器為特製的配方材料, 兼具遠紅外線功能及紫砂與麥飯石的優點,可以活化水分子,改善水質,使茶,咖啡,酒等飲品更加香醇甘甜!

The Art and Culture of Tea & Tea Ware Expo

Time 時間:
12/17/10 -- 2/1/2011
11am -- 7pm

Location 地點:
Garnet Room at the Sheraton LaGuardia
East Hotel
135-20 39 Ave., Flushing, NY 11354

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