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Yunnan High Mountain Black Tea - Tea Tasting 10/22 to 10/24


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Walking on Clouds: Yunnan High Mountain Black Tea
雲遊仙境: 雲南高山紅茶

   Activities at our Tea Tasting Event
Elegant Gai Wan
-- Tea tasting and sampling from close to 70 varieties; showcase of tea culture and imported Asian tea-ware.
品茶, 精緻茶具展

-- Experience the unique aroma of  Yunnan High Mountain Black Tea.

-- Enjoy the fun of grounding your own Lei Cha, another well-known well-being tea from Taiwan.  養身佳品客家擂茶

-- Pottery workshop: Experience firsthand the joy of creating glazing porcelain tea cups.  陶藝教室捏土之樂


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Uses: Calming, sedative, and beneficial for insomnia.


成分: 菩提子、

特性: 安定、鎮定心神,對失眠有幫助。有助於放鬆因血壓高所導致的頭痛與失眠。

Fang Tea Tasting Event

Time 時間:
10/22 - 10/24,
Fri. to Sun., 11am-7pm

Location 地點:
Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel, Garnet Room
(135-20 39thAve. Flushing, NY 11354) 

Featuring: Yunnan
oct 22 eventHigh Mountain Black Tea

Yunnan Province in China is the oldest place of origin for tea trees; mighty, gorgeous old trees standing firmly in high altitude primitiveforests, nurturing day after day, year after year nature's essence: tea.  Black tea made from tea leaves growing in this kind of natural environment is, needless to say, unique in its aroma and taste. 

Fang Tea is glad to offer two different types of Yunnan High Mountain Black Tea in our tea tasting event: Golden Silk Dien Hong and Broad Leaf Black Tea.  These two types of tea, one with exquisite and tender small buds, the other with bold and rough broad leaves, form an interesting contrast.  With this amazing duet, we hope to offer tea lovers an in-depth look into Chinese Black Tea.       

主題茗茶: 雲南高山紅茶


  Mark your calendars for a historical ride into the ancient woods......


時間 Time: 12/17/2010 ~ 2/1/2011

地點 Location: Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel 喜來登飯店

一壺珍藏陳年老茶, 一席古老原木茶桌, 與您一同跨入幽靜的時空歲月.  Let the aroma of precious aged tea and the spirit of antique woods guide us into a historical ride into the ancient mountains.  Stay tuned for the event details!

pomelo tea
Words from our customers 


"If you are looking for a respite or a mini-vacation from the hectic  city, attend one of the featured events sponsored by Fang Gourmet Teas." ... (read more on Fang's blog and facebook)

"如果您想在忙碌喧囂的都市中, 尋找一段迷你假期, 不妨參加一場芳茗軒的品茶會"   ... (請點選此處閱讀英文全文)

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