Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Duet of Tea and Desserts 茶與點心的約會


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A Duet of Tea and Desserts!
週末的甜蜜之旅 "茶與點心的約會"

tawny ong desserts
Savor the desserts enjoyed by celebrities!

Join us in this weekend's very special Tea Tasting Event as we feature bakery chef Tawny Ong's gourmet desserts!


banana pudding

Fang's Tea Tasting Event with special tea and desserts sessions.

Time: 10/1/10 -
10/3/10, Fri. to Sun., 11am-7pm (regular tea tasting and sampling available)

Tea & Desserts sessions:

10/2 (sat), 2-4pm & 5-7pm; 10/3 (sun), 2-4pm

Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel, Garnet Room (135-20 39thAve. Flushing, NY 11354) 

The tea and dessert session offers a prix fixe of 4 sets of tea and desserts.  Each tea is paired with a
dessert that creates the best duet to bring out the best flavor and essence in
each other, including:

* Pomelo Tea : All-natural
wellbeing treasure

* Silky Angel: Banana Pudding

* Fall in love: Pumpkin Cheesecake

Presenting gourmet desserts by baker Tawny Ong (featured on Fox Business News, Time Out New York, New York
Fashion Show, and Mayor's Lunar New Year Reception)

* Tickets: In advance $ 50 ; at the door $ 60
Ticket price includes 4 sets of tea and gourmet dessert; seating to
cultural performances at the tea tasting event; preview to the Fang Gourmet Tea
Expo; and VIP gift bag value over $100.  For tickets please call 1888-888-0216, or email us at

cake flower   本週末的品茶會, 除了與您分享近七十款好茶,  也首次呈現"茶與點心的約會",與知名糕點烘培師Tawny Ong合作, 其糕點廣受紐約市長與紐約名人社交圈的喜愛, 專訪見於美國福斯新聞, 紐約旅遊雜誌等. 

為您精心搭配四套茶點, 讓甘醇好茶更襯托出甜點精華. 其中包括

* 陳年的好滋味: 養身柚子老茶

* 柔嫩天使: 特製香蕉布丁

* 秋季香醇: 南瓜起士蛋糕

時間:10/1/10 -
10/3/10, Friday to Sunday; 11am to 7pm
茶與點心約會的專席時段為: 10/2 週六, 2-4pm 以及 5-7pm
10/3 週日, 2-4pm

地點: 法拉盛喜來登酒店地下一樓
入場券包括四套茶與茶點, 文化表演, 年度茶展之預覽, 以及一百元以上之優惠禮券. 專席票券 $ 60, 優惠預售價 $50 . 購票請洽  1888-888-0216;

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  1. If you are looking for a respite or a mini-vacation from the hectic city, attend one of the featured events sponsored by Fang Gourmet Teas. I attended their “A Duet of Teas and Desserts” on October 2nd, where they matched their fabulous Chinese teas with luxurious western desserts made by the celebrated baker Tawny Ong. It was a wonderful experience from the time you were greeted by the smell of roasted oolong teas at the door until the last tasting of the aromatic Pomelo tea as a finale. For the entire two hours I was scooped up into the world of tea culture in a way that is rare to find in New York City.

    The afternoon started with one of the finest oolong teas Red Elite. I was previously introduced to Red Elite at one of Fang’s tea tastings but this time it was paired with a creamy and light banana pudding. The subtle mild bitterness yet “banana” undertones of the tea were enhanced by the bananas in the pudding, making this choreography of bitter and sweet a “true duet” between tea and dessert.

    The guests at this event were then introduced to one of Fang’s “royal oolongs”, the Dong Ding tea. I personally love Dong Ding, but at this event Dong Ding was paired with the dessert of moist pecan cup cakes with a dollop of pecan whipped cream. Our personal Tea Masters at each table helped us understand what I would call the synergistically delicious flavors and complexities of the tastes we were enjoying. The Dong Ding combined with the delicate taste of the cup cakes with a hint of pecan provided a sensational culinary taste not often experienced by the tongue.

    The third tea of the event was Ti Quan Yin. This tea had a fine roasted flavor that was elevated to new heights by the “staccato” burst of chocolate from the brownies that were served with this tea. Many of the “chocoholics” at the event were in seventh heaven-and admitted it in public!

    The final tea of the day was the Pomelo. As our Tea Masters explained to us, this was a special tea cultivated and traditional preserved by the Hakka people of Taiwan over decades. We were honored to be able to sample and share this traditional tea with a slice of pumpkin cheese cake. The aromatic fruitiness of the tea and the spices of the pumpkin cheese cake made this a perfect “marriage” of tradition and deliciousness.

    The Fang “A Duet of Teas and Desserts” event did not forget to address our other needs. We were soothed by the music of Handel and classical Chinese music, inspired by a Tai Chi demonstration, tutored in the art and history of the YiXing tea pot, and educated in how east meets west through tea. It was a wonderful afternoon and a wonderful celebration of tea. I would recommend attending any, if not all, of Fang’s events to have a unique experience.

    Mary H.
    Bronx, New York