Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tea Tasting 02/12 - 02/14


Welcoming the Auspicious New Year Tea Tasting Event:

~ Black Tea ~

To the Chinese, red signifies good luck, prosperity and blessings. Therefore during New Years, the word “Fortune”, or couplet for good luck would be written on red paper along with the distribution of red envelopes to friends and families for good luck.

At the tea tasting event during New Year’s, series of black tea such as Golden Needle Dian Hong, Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, Big Leaf Black Tea, Jiu Chu Red Plum, will be presented as the feature tea. With the rich aroma, the honey sweet taste, and the bright red tea color of black tea, we wish all tea club members the very best of luck in the New Year's.


紅色 對中國人來講代表喜氣、吉祥與祝福. 所以過年時會用紅紙寫福字、寫春聯迎來福氣, 也用紅包送上祝福.

本次品茶會配合中國新年特別推出紅茶系列茶品: 有金絲滇紅、日月潭水沙連紅茶、雲南大葉種紅茶、九曲紅梅...


活動時間 / Time:
2010.02/12 ~ 02/14

活動地點 / Location:
Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel, 法拉盛喜來登酒店
Garnet room(地下一樓)
135-20 39thAve. Flushing, NY 11354 -- Map (地圖)

* Pottery workshop (體驗陶作樂趣):
Experience first hand the joy of creating wheel-thrown pottery and glazing procelien tea cups.

* New Year's Promotion (新春優惠送好禮):
15% off all purchase of New Year Gift Sets (Tea, Tea ware) between 2/12-2/14.

* New Year’s Gift for Tea Club members (新春品茶來就送):
Come to the tea tasting event between 2/12-2/14, present your Tea Club Membership card and receive a Red Envelope (with a tea bag) for good luck!

茶友於2/12-2/14 蒞臨品茶會,憑會員卡即送開運紅包袋一個。

~ Special Lover’s Menu ~
Complimentary Valentine’s Day Gift

Come to the Tea Tasting event on Valentine’s Day and receive a complimentary gift,“Love throughout Four Seasons”.

* Special Promotions
1) Receive complimentary photo for couples who painted their Cups (or wheel-throwing for two)

2) Tea tasting for two for the price of one

3) Lei Tea for two – Receive complimentary photo

~ 品茶會情侶套餐 ~

情侶在情人節當天(2/14)蒞臨品茶會即送一生一世小禮物, 並有參加手拉胚作陶與彩繪瓷杯活動優惠。
* 情侶手繪情侶杯一對(或手拉胚2位)即送拍照留念

* 情侶品茶2位只收1位品茶費

* 情侶擂茶2位送拍照留念

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