Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six Essential Factors for Brewing Good Tea 6


One Tea One World, One Pot One Universe;
In One’s Palm move the Heaven and Earth,
With the delicate fragrance heart is contented.

Choice of Tea ware

4) Tea Ware with other Materials

There is a strange odor with plastic tea ware and using hot water to brew tea will influence the tea flavor. The same holds true for paper cups and plastic cups; they are not suitable for brewing good tea. When using thermo mugs to brew premium green tea, due to the long term steeping, fragrance will be “stuffy” and “ripe” which is not suitable at all.

5) Tea Cups

In order to appreciate the color of tea in a cup and also for convenience of cleaning, it is best to use cups with glaze in the interior. The color of the cups should be white or light color. Smaller cups are suitable for tea such as oolong with rich flavor and big cups are suitable for lighter tea such as Longjing.

6) Sharing Pitcher or Fairness Cup

It is used for holding tea right after brewing. After tea is steeped to the right flavor, tea is poured into the sharing pitcher to be further poured into individual small cups fairly. A filter can also be placed on top of the cup to get rid of tea dust.

7) Gaiwan

Gaiwan is popular since it is suitable for brewing any kind of tea and can be easily cleaned with no strange odor. It consists of the cup, the lid, and the saucer. Put tea leaves in the Gaiwan, pour hot water, wait for the time that’s suitable for the specific type of tea and enjoy!

It is important to choose tea ware that is suitable for the person, smooth to handle, and with smooth water flow. In addition, pay attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the tea ware since the protein within tea will rot easily. If the tea ware is not cleaned well, it will influence the quality of tea and your health.

Tea aroma is considered one of the best fragrance in the world. Controlling the six factors of making tea, you’ll be able to enter the palace of the tea world. Drinking tea is an enjoyment, appreciating the taste of tea and beyond. It is also a learning experience, learning to appreciate others, learning to realize the spirit of the true, the good and the beautiful, revealing the unusual aspect from the common factors.















  1. I can agree that plastic is going to affect the quality of the tea-steeping experience. I wasn't aware that cleaning of teaware was necessary in the same way if using Yi Xing. --Teaternity

  2. Making tea is an art and enjoy process, but in modern time, people just focus on convenient