Monday, July 6, 2009

Longquan Tea


Ten Famous Taiwan Tea Series 5
台灣十大名茶系列 5


Longquan Tea is a specialty produced in LongTan County, Taoyuan Town. The topography of the area is high and leveled, with an elevation between 300 to 400 meters above sea level. With high temperatures and plenty of rain in addition to a layer of mist both in the morning and dusk, the tea moistened with such moisture grow to have a rich and mellow quality that is pleasant and delightful. In 1982, it won the provincial machine picked Baozhong Tea Championship. In 1983, the governor of Taiwan Province, Li DengHui named it, “Lonquan Tea.” Its tea color is golden with a tint of green, tastes sweet and smooth with a pure and elegant floral fragrance.

With the promotion by related agencies and improvement of tea quality in addition to planning the tea plantation into a tourist tea garden, if you have the opportunity to come to Longtan, enjoy mother nature and the scenery of the beautiful tea garden, have a cup of Lonquan tea and you’ll forget your troubles, sorrow, worries and sufferings of life with the rich mellow fragrance of Longquan tea.

客來龍泉 龍泉飄香


龍潭鄉地勢高亢平坦, 海拔在300~400公尺之間,全年高溫多雨,清晨黃昏都有一層薄霧籠罩,茶葉生長經此濕氣滋潤,所製成的茶葉品質醇厚,香氣怡人,曾於1982年榮獲全省機採優良包種茶比賽冠軍,1983年更獲李登輝先生命名為「龍泉茶」。茶湯金黃帶綠色,滋味甘潤,入口生津,帶有一種典雅清純的花香。







  1. If I am correct, Long Quan means "Dragon Spring" in Chinese. Is that right? It's fascinating to learn the history of how these teas are named. And I like knowing that often government officials are the ones who give them those names. --Jason Witt

  2. Hi Jason,

    Yes, Long Quan means "dragon spring" in Mandarin Chinese.

    Since this tea is cultivated in the Long Tan county, which literally means Dragon Pool in Mandarin Chinese, I suppose it make sense to name the tea "Dragon Spring", don't you think ? :D