Monday, June 22, 2009

Infinite Vitality - Pine Cypress Evergreen Tea


Ten Famous Taiwan Tea Series 4
台灣十大名茶系列 4
台湾十台名茶シリーズ 4

The Pine Cypress Evergreen Tea is a specialty produced in Pine Cypress Peak in MingJien Town, Nantou County, Taiwan. The original name was “Pu ZhongTea” or “Pine Cypress Pit Tea”, the earliest tea named by a famous person. In 1978, Chiang Ching-Kuo, Taiwan’s premier at the time, visited Nantou County and tasted the fragrant tea and named the tea “Pine Cypress Evergreen Tea.” Pine and Cypress can endure frost and snow and remain evergreen for hundreds of years. The tea became famous worldwide.

The Pine Cypress Peak region is at the southernmost point of “Eight Trigram” Mountain, a hillside over 500 meters above sea level with an area of 2,500 hectare. Beautiful scenery with range upon range of green mountains, it is an ideal place for growing tea trees with cool climate filled with clouds and fog.

Pine Cypress Evergreen Tea is a half spherical shaped Bao Zhong tea made from Ching Shin Oolong, Four Season Spring Oolong, and Jin Shuan Oolong varieties as ingredients. Dry tea appears dark green with light fragrance. It resembles a slim and graceful young girl who leaves a lasting impression. It is a favorable tea among many tea lovers.



松柏嶺地屬八卦山脈的最南端,是海拔 500公尺的山坡地,茶園面積廣達 2500公頃,這裡重巒疊翠,景色秀麗,雲霧瀰漫,氣候涼爽,是茶樹生長的優良場所。






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