Monday, January 12, 2009

Program Schedule


Look forward to seeing you at the "The Art and Culture of Tea and Tea Ware Expo"

More than 100 varieties of Tea
Artworks by 10 Tea Ware Artists
Tea Ceremony Presentations twice a day

(Please email us at to sign up and enjoy an unforgettable experience!)

Free workshops (held at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, Lower Level Garnet Room):

Saturday 1/10, 1:30pm Tea Ceremony

Sunday 1/11, 2:30pm Appreciation of Clay Teapot from Yishing (I)

Saturday 1/17, 2:30pm Tea Makng Using Various Tea Ware

Sunday 1/18, 2:30pm Introduction to Different Varieties of Tea

Saturday 1/24, 2:30pm Taiwan Tea Ware

Sunday 1/25, 2:30pm Appreciation of Clay Teapot from Yishing (II)

Saturday 1/31, 2:30pm Introduction to Pomelo Tea

Sunday 2/1, 2:30pm Introduction and Appreciation of Roasted Tea

Saturday 2/7, 2:30pm Introdcution to Floral Tea



(敬請以電話或 Email預約: 1-888-888-0216, )



1/10 週六 下午一點半 茶道表演

1/11週日 下午二點半 紫砂壺賞析(一)

1/17週六 下午二點半 各種茶具泡法介紹

1/18週日 下午二點半 茶種介紹

1/24週六 下午二點半 台灣茶具介紹

1/25週日 下午二點半 紫砂壺賞析(二)

1/31週六 下午二點半 柚子茶介紹

2/1週日 下午二點半 烘培茶介紹及欣賞

2/7 週六 下午二點半 花草茶介紹

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