Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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The Chinese tea has over 1,000 different varieties. Rich
variety is one of the biggest characteristics of Chinese tea. Tea leaves have evolved to include non-fermented tea, partially fermented tea, and completely fermented tea. The quality of tea is very significant to the brewing of good tea. Since you see all different kinds of tea on the market, you might have the questions, "how to choose good tea?" "The Art and culture of tea and Tea Ware Expo" is a perfect chance for both introductory and further learning of tea.

"The Art and Cultural of Tea and tea Ware Expo" will be held from Jan. 10, 2009 to Feb. 08, 2009. During the Expo, attendees will receive stamps for free, and these will allow the attendees to come in our stores to exchange their five (5) or more stamps for gifts after the Expo. Tea ceremony is by appointment only, so please schedule appointments in advance so that you can experience the unlimited sensation of tea.

Fang Gourmet Tea specializes in tea and tea-making tea wares and ongoing tea ceremony classes are held. For more information, please visit us.

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